NFT based,

Neon Megapolis Laws

Racial discrimination is forbidden!
Any kind of discrimination is not tolerated!
Fake or scam another users is forbidden and the relevant authorities will be notified!
Importing Metaverse items from another world is allowed, if they don`t provoke or try to disrupt our world.
Trying to fake or copy our world platform is forbidden and the relevant authorities will be notified!
Illegal activity is forbidden.Importing "illegal" Metaverse items from another world is illegal!
Unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or avatar is forbidden!
Hate speech will be not tolerated, also a mute for X minutes will be activated!
AI System will be activated for mute, once a specific behavior fit in!
Illegal activities versus our world (0day exploits, ddos, bots) will be recorded!
Distribution of items from this world, will be only on exchanges.
Administration takes no responsibility for any kind of bad trades with other users, or bad buy/sell on any of the shops, or employee
Employee in virtual jobs, must be representive.Employers must pay employee their wages regular!
Employers in virtual jobs, must provide a good working environment to employee.
Renting is allowed, but our world, won`t track it.Users must arrange it between them.
ERC721 Token are not tradeble, only world owner can do modification and reserve its rights!
World owner is not responsible in case of lost private key for your address, funds, wallet from your action!