Futuristic VR World
New world, based on NFT platform.

Build inside
Possibility to build on the individual layers of your building, with the possibility of trading.You will be able to invite friends to your home and hold various events. Your virtual home, according to your taste, according to your rules.

Fun will be a part of your new life in this world. You will be able to visit various buildings, shops, sports, cultural and many other events.

Trade System
You will be able to trade with other consumers, banks, exchanges.

You will be able to work, study inside your home, no matter the real life location.Communication is allowed in any channel, freely.

Pleasure is part of this world. You will have the chance to enjoy true VR delights.

Properties limited to 30507 with different layers, 1000+ Reserved for World Top Brands

Prices depends from the building storage (levels).Each level is a possible apartment, interaction, store or business project

ETH 0.2 - 1.4
on project start.
What you will get:
  • Building inside Neon Megapolis property,
    which you can trade even now
  • Customizable interior,
    using your items in Metaverse
  • Interactive inventory from Metaverse,
    interacing with the platform.
  • New type of economic,
    innovative and sustainable way of marketing.
  • Possibilityly for programmable futuristic NPC,
    to act as your employee
  • Faster way,
    to get what you need.
    Official Embassy buildings for example,
    are reserved.
  • World full of adventure, full of fun,
    business and development.